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Practical Ways to Use Wall Shelves to Personalize a Dorm Space

We all know how cramped for space a dorm can be. Sometimes the room is so small that you barely have any place to display all your amazing art, pictures, or a poster of your favorite celebrity. Besides, when going to college, we tend to carry various memorable items that we are proud of and want to keep safe. And that is where reclaimed pallet wood shelves come in. With no floor space for putting a chest of drawer, the walls provide plenty of possibilities which can be utilized effectively.

Practical Ways to Use Wall Shelves to Personalize a Dorm Space Pallet Shelves & Pallet Coat Hangers

The advantage of opting to use walls is that you get a unique opportunity to use the blank space to showcase your creativity and personalize it the way you want. With the right shelves, you can turn a boring wall into a focal point of the room and organize your items.

It is important to develop good organization skills while in school, as it helps create a balanced life and release stress. One way of getting organized is knowing when to seek assistance, especially when you have so much on your plate.

Benefits of Adding Shelves to Your Dorm Room

In most rooms, the walls are often an unusable space that can be enriched with design and style. Besides, there are various designs available in different colors, which means several options can inspire you. Wall-mounted shelves also create a form of lightness and take less visual space.

While you can hang a painting, sculptural piece or add vertical panels, nothing screams unique like DIY shelves. You can display your personality for all to see and enable those around you to know more about your hobbies and interests.

A shelf also acts as an excellent way to eliminate clutter, bring order to your space, and help you be more productive. You can put items that you often use on the shelf for ease of reach, which cuts downtime you may use to look for them.

What to Consider When Looking for Shelves

With many shelving options available, you need to consider the following:

  • Various ways you can use it.
  • The size of the wall space.
  • The design, style, and color scheme you want. While you can be creative and combine two colors or different designs, make sure it complements your room.
  • The amount and size of the items you need to display. If you are going to put heavy books then ensure the shelf is sturdy enough.
  • Take into account your height to enable you to reach your items quickly. Avoid high shelves or those with cramped spacing as they can limit what you can display.

After knowing the benefits, we are now going to explore two types of wall-mounted shelves that students from college, university, or any boarding school can use to decorate their walls.

Floating Shelves with Hidden Storage

Practical Ways to Use Wall Shelves to Personalize a Dorm Space Pallet Shelves & Pallet Coat Hangers

These walls provide an unusual way to display your items while giving the much needed extra space for keeping your things safe from prying eyes. What makes them ideal is that they have a floating effect, and in the right shade, these shelves can become the focal point of the room. They come in a wide range of colors, style, and size so you can choose that which meets your needs.

Floating shelves are popular because they are versatile and add a unique element to a boring space. You can opt to have a uniform design where you add two similar shelves or create two different contrasting shapes to break the monotony.

Either way, you are going to have clever ways to store more. If you arrange your things neatly, then your shelves will always look amazing, but when you prefer to hide your items away, consider adding doors to your floating shelves.

Wall-Mounted Corner Shelf

Practical Ways to Use Wall Shelves to Personalize a Dorm Space Pallet Shelves & Pallet Coat Hangers

Yes, you can make use of the corners in your room. If the wall corners look ugly; one way to decorate them is with unique shelves. What makes them great is that they maximize storage, yet they do not eat up a lot of space, and you can customize them to fit your dorm room space.


When living in a small dorm room where you need extra storage space, then go for a wall-mounted shelf. They are easy to install and will ensure you display personal items in a classy way. Do not allow the size of your room to limit your creativeness; make use of the walls.

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