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Pallets Ceiling

Another pallets idea, make a ceiling with repurposed pallets. We have already seen the use of pallets on a bathroom wall and floor….now you can do the complete room with pallets (but will be too much I think…)!

Pallets Ceiling Pallet Ceilings & Roofs

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France Blanchard

C super…et superbe…….

Carlo Agna

Jason quema!!!

Mé Lanie Djémy

Yaya Elisa j’adore

Michael Conner

Never had I ever thought of that…great idea and build…what did you attach them with…or just did you just use adhesive…

TigerLily Maggot
TigerLily Maggot

Ah ouiiiiiii !…. Ah là, ça c’est cool ! .. ;)

Christophe Bonte

Samuel Bonte

Hildagard Meldau Du Plessis
Hildagard Meldau Du Plessis

netjies en rakties !!!! werk in n braaikamer!

Lorenza Righini

si può scrivere “mi piace un sacco”???? ;-)

Ron Strait
Ron Strait

im getting ready to do mine, I am putting 3/8 in plywood up first then the planks. Hope that helps.

Neil Zammit

How do i do this?

Ulrich H-ohm
Ulrich H-ohm

Dextera Morgan

Angelica Santos

Ai Renato boa ideia pra vc .

Flor Juarez

Claudia Harte

Ptit Dhom
Ptit Dhom

Bonne idée !!! Comment ont elles été fixées au plafond ???


Was wondering if you could change the more information to since that is the actual source.

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