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Pallet Wood Christmas Nativity

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I made several pallet wood Christmas Nativity projects. Most of the Nativity scenes that I make have figures that are less than 6" tall. Some I sand and stain, and others I apply a spray-on polyurethane finish. Many I make, I just leave natural, other than to sand down the rough edges.

Create your own Pallet Wood Christmas Nativity for your holiday decor!

There are several options:

  1. Download templates for nativity scenes and glues them onto the surfaces of scrap pallet boards. When dry, cut out the shapes and sand the remaining paper off; finish as desired.
  2. Create a backdrop or frame with a few deck boards that you glue side-by-side. Allow drying. Cut out your templates and apply to more deck boards with glue; allow to dry. Cut out the shapes and sand the remaining paper off; finish as desired. Attach the cut-out shapes to the framework or backdrop with either glue and/or finish nails. Add any decorative touches you desire, including a little stand, or wall hanger.
  3. Create a backdrop or frame as in option #2 above. When dry, trace Nativity shapes onto the backdrop and cut out with a jigsaw, pre-drilling a hole first. Prop up in front of a lamp for added visual interest.
  4. Create uniquely-shaped backdrops, shadow boxes, or support shelves.
  5. Cut out the shapes and suspend them like a mobile.

Make any of these (or your own ideas) and give the gift of a Pallet Wood Christmas Nativity!

It's never too early to anticipate the joy of the holidays. Here's a fun homemade Gift Idea you can make!

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