Other Pallet ProjectsPallet Tower for the World Largest Bonfire

Pallet Tower for the World Largest Bonfire

Pallet Tower for the World Largest Bonfire Other Pallet Projects

Pallet Tower for the World Largest Bonfire Other Pallet Projects

Pallet Tower for the World Largest Bonfire Other Pallet Projects

The record ended up being a pallet tower of 40.45 meters (132.71 ft) high, while the base was 20 meters (65.6 ft). It was made in Norway for the St John the Baptist, celebrating the summer solstice.

Pallet Crafters, do not watch the video below, it’s a kind of horror movie for you :D


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You could use the wood to make cheap furniture or some small houses (if done properly) for poor people, what a waste of pallets.

Reply to  Francesco

We all agree with that here, you can see how many ideas of pallets recycling we have, it’s just an article to show what people around the world are doing… nothing more, we are not promoting the burn of pallets…


Given all the people that have lost their lives tower block fires this ‘pallet tower’ is in very poor taste.

Per Nielsen

Not nessesary to polute like This every year for No reason

Roar Jørstad

this is a yearly tradition….love to watch it on TV :)

Laurent Nicolas

Complètement con.

Lise Agersten

No go♻️reuse is better.

Paul Kelly

Belfast says “pfft”

Alberto Tajsyng

Si ma… Perché ???

Jim Scurrah

Andrew Hunt…ideas

Vinz Fiotignon

Pierre-Olivier Barbette petit joueur !😆

Herbulot Julien

Quel gâchis ! :-(

Jason Newsome

But the carbon…

Niels Donker

So cool

Kelvin Healey


Thomas Christophe Valery

Babel towers

Rachael Louise Waddington

Gordon Waddington

Ben Bull

Rachael Louise Waddington

Mes réalisations en palettes

comment peut on gacher tout ce bois :(

Jonathon Street

We can beat that record a

Aidrean Mac Siulai

Waste of pallets

Inge-Marie Pretorius

How many trees? Such a shame

Steven Musicman Swinehart


Manuel Doncel Moriano

Que pena

Paul Delbart

Raoul Lorphèvre tu voie de chiffre d’affaires la ?!

Alison Churchill

I hope that’s not your wine rack!

Helen Nisevic

Alison Churchill Sonja James Dave & Brian’s next bonfire??

Luke Sabine

Please…. You obviously haven’t been out to pukekohe

Nina Dumaine

Oh le gâchis. .. deg…

Bryan Chaffer


Mickael Favier


Masajes Ranelagh Reyes Lambrecht

Plata quemada!!! (burnt money)

Toby Jon

Kerryn Sutherland we should do this

Kerryn Sutherland
Reply to  Toby Jon

Off the main beach at the mount? Or on leisure Island?

Richard Chuck Harris

What a waste

Hope Arnold

How SAD :-(

Nikkoko des Bois

Gâche du bois……..moche……

Annick Bussy-Cornelissens

quel gâchis !!!!

Francis Landoz

Tin qu’elle abus on aurais pu en faire des meuble et plein d’autre chose !!!!!

Javier Hdez D

Total waste

Karen Pinson

How many shelters this amount could have built and all that pollution burning them sad :(

Jason Lane


Maree Randell

What a waste of beautiful wood could have been turned into houses or furniture or recycled somehow not burnt up for a world record.

Sophie Bidet-bagoreme
Sophie Bidet-bagoreme

oui en effet nous on se chauff avec … :(

Tribu Fontaine
Tribu Fontaine

Super la pollution au passage

Cornelia Schneider

quel gaspillage!!! tout ce qu’on aurait pu faire avec ça. tous ces arbres morts pour rien!!!

Béné-Steph Henrard-Schumacker

Juste pour polluer la terre un peux plus que de chauffer des familles dans le besoin

Yani Ciptadihardja

heartless..i need a house..

Romain Breder
Romain Breder

Dommage car les palettes auraient pu servir a autre chose comme crée des habitats

Jorge Santana
Jorge Santana

noooooo!!!!….¡¡¡ idiota!!!

Charlotte Mary 'Arthur' Green

such a waste


I completely agree with AdrianDebbie DeVillier’s comment and not to mention the waste of these pallets that could have been repurposed into something useful.
And as for the Mike’s comment to go hug a tree, well keep doing this kind of sh*t and there won’t be any trees left to hug.

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