Pallet Punisher Chair!

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I made this Pallet Punisher Chair using only pallet wood. This build was completed in about a week. It was a challenge to find the right measures and proportions, so the skull looked right.  I’m very happy with the finished project, though!

A little about my Pallet Punisher Chair:

The chair build is fairly easy. The skull part? That’ll be more challenging. . . To begin, I created the seat by taking a pallet and cutting it in half vertically, just past the center stringer. I replaced the nails with screws to give it an edgier look. Next were the front two legs. I used more thick stringer boards as the sturdy legs, cut down to the height I found comfortable for an arm rest. Then I cut the rear legs longer so that they could form part of the backrest frame. I used stronger pieces to create the cross-braces for the backrest and secured everything with screws.

The armrests were two deck boards, trimmed a bit narrower towards the seatback. This was strictly for aesthetics; it serves no functional purpose. I had fun with the front ends of the armrest boards. I purposely cut them long (approx. 3-4”) so that I could carve bone shapes into the ends of them.

Pallet Punisher Chair – the skull backrest:

Aah, here was the challenge. I built the backrest frame tall enough to support larger, cut-out shape of the skull, and to give the “teeth” enough stretch so that it would be identifiable. I had to temporarily clamp the frame a few times until I got it so that the boards wouldn’t be in front of the open eye holes, etc. First, I laid out several deck boards and figured out how far I wanted them spaced out before they looked too wide. Once I was happy with the spacing between the slats, I then sketched out the shape on them, keeping them in place with clamps temporarily.

I cut the outsides and dry-fit to ensure everything would line up the way I wanted. Finally, I cut out the remaining boards. One consideration was proper support for the smaller boards. I had to ensure the layout would provide support for the little pieces. Also, the lower rear support board had to have a bit carved out so that there was the light shining through the sinus opening. Finishing up assembly, I secured everything with screws.

Pallet Punisher Chair – finishing it off:

I applied a dark tone of paint to the chair to make the skull back become the major focus. I used a semi-gloss paint so it would be shiny without being too shiny. After the paint was dry, I roughed up the edges a bit with sandpaper to give it a bit of wear. I painted the back as well, and unfortunately the photos don’t show the color as intensely as it is in person. I think this would be a fun project for Halloween. Can you imagine this sitting on the front porch? It would be great!

Pallet Punisher Chair! Pallet Benches, Pallet Chairs & Stools
Pallet Punisher Chair! Pallet Benches, Pallet Chairs & Stools
Pallet Punisher Chair! Pallet Benches, Pallet Chairs & Stools

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