by Norman Keel

Pallet Skull Chair

One of the most original and terrific chairs ever seen at 1001Pallets, the pallet skull chair! If you want to impress your friends, this is the chair to build! Love the beer holders! As usual here, the chair is made out of recycled pallet wood and reclaimed two by fours.

Pallet Skull Chair Pallet Benches, Pallet Chairs & Stools
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Priscillia De Witte

Jeremy de Witte réalisable !?

CuBa Frz

Nadege Mairel Toussaint…. J’en veux un!!!!

Cheri Cody

Andi Berry you should go this someone on market place is selling pallets for a dollar

Manon Orosco

Simon la Soudure ça cest pour toi!

Melh Any Lo-Ya

Tu me le fais ???

Mathieu Fernandez

Cyssou Mej c’est pour toi ça

Maíra Fernandes

Diego Manciba pega essa cadeira! Ooo loouco!

Joan Flanders

This is for you Terry George!

Roxane Rossell

Tu me l’offre! !!!!!!

Yannick Bédouret
Reply to  Roxane Rossell

Je t’offre les palettes =D

Roxane Rossell
Reply to  Roxane Rossell

Mais non tu me le fait!!!

Jozée Landry'xo


Jessica LGosselin

Ça c’est pour mon homme Pat G Morsch

Stephen Coburn

Tom II Bowman…cool

Fred Hofmann

Ta chaise ça Jacques Campana ;-)

Julien Clemente

Morgan Catalogne j’ai trouvé ton siège pour ta terrasse

Julia Marshall

Joanne Duffin….imagine a couple of them in your garden with solar lights around them at night.

Joanne Duffin
Reply to  Julia Marshall

Ohh yeah they would make cracking fireside seats :-D

Julia Marshall
Reply to  Julia Marshall

Scare the hell out the local

Joanne Duffin
Reply to  Julia Marshall

Haha jay does that anyway :-D

Julia Marshall
Reply to  Julia Marshall

Be even more scared to see him standing between two of them lol

Eleonore Gidlund

O ja!

Anaïs Schillaci

J’ai la mienne hi hi

Caroline Craipeau

C est pour toi Fannette Will… avec toutes les palettes que will peut recuperer au boulot , dis lui de t en faire une!!

Fannette Will

Hell yeah !!!

Alexandra Kosta

Vanesa Rhgopoulou I found the perfect chair for you!

Gatt Sin

J avoue y tue ☺

Fury Kane

J’adore ^^

Jenna Scott

Harvey show your dad this… Can make that from pallets…

Stéphanie Lemaitre

Sandrine Bompard, c’est le prochain défi de Dida ? :D



Esse é o trono do Fantasma, grande personagem em quadrinhos. Gostei, parabéns!

Clémentine van Gaver

Thor Celtic Perrin pour tes prochains ateliers, “je fabrique mon mobilier”

Thor Celtic Perrin

Yeeeeeeeeeeeeees !

Paul Morris

Cool stuff chair….

Ines Barrionuevo

muy muy bueno !


Does anyone have plans on how to build this chair anywhere? I would love to build this some day with my father.

Reply to  Robert

Were you able to get the directions on how to build this? I would love to know also. My husband loves all things Harley Davidson and he has everything in skulls. This chair would be an awesome bday gift if i could get the instructions so my father in law can build it for me. Thanks.


The skull design was stolen from Taylor Garden & Hobby.

Taylor Garden & Hobby
Taylor Garden & Hobby

The skull design was stolen from Taylor Garden & Hobby on Facebook


do you know this for sure, I have see many of these patterns

Morgan Almroth

Jill Berg måste vi ha..

Jane Kelly Lis

This is you Jesse

Sammi J Gill
Sammi J Gill

Andrew Gill

Stephanie Sansfacon
Stephanie Sansfacon

Keith Barnes

Pam Lange

Jess this made think of you!! Thought you would like this. An tyler!!!!!!

Babeth Brandely
Babeth Brandely

pas beau

Angela Hendry

This one was not made by him

Angela Hendry

My son makes them

Pauline Buron

La classe internationale !

Norman Keel
Norman Keel

It’s nice to see my work on here Esvadirtybirdcreations Thanks 1001 pallets

Damian Castillo

Ala esta chida apenas pa mi :)

Gabriela Ramirez

uy! mira Damian Castillo …

Bonnie Mann
Bonnie Mann

Tera a chair for you to build

Patrick Cartier Cross

I like that

Paul Morris
Paul Morris

Cool neat …!

Vané Degli-innocenti Berty

Michel Berty trop bien fait. …

Eric Limon
Eric Limon

Mériterait plus de trous dans les accoudoirs… :p

Ariela Marquez
Ariela Marquez

la cerveza es la muerte!!!! jajaja

Marie Brigitte Prouvost

J’aime beaucoup et je vais la copier avec ton autorisation. Ok?

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