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by Diliberto Audrey

Pallet Squared Planter

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Another squared planter for a little “potager” made from repurposed pallet.

Pallet Squared Planter Pallet Planters & Compost Bins

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Lilly Banhidy

I love your ideas but are you not concerned about the chemicals in the pallet timber ?

Reply to  Lilly Banhidy You may want to start here to find pallets that are safer to use! Happy Palleting!

Bec Scriven

Elizabeth Allen for your tomato bushes

Leighton Splatt

OC Vet

Per Nielsen

think ill make one for tomatoes and with plastic over this comming summer

Ulla-Britt Gustafsson

Det var bra så att man får rader

Vincent Havenne
Vincent Havenne

belle jardinière avec de beau souccis

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