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Pallet Mirrored Key Holder/Shelf

  • 1 pallet

  • easy

  • 2h

  • $2

This attractive and functional Pallet Mirrored Key Holder/Shelf is a straightforward project but comes in handy on those crazy mornings. Our keys are all in one place, and you can give yourself one last check before leaving for the day.

Pallet Mirrored Key Holder/Shelf:

After breaking down the pallets, I sanded everything down and gave it all a scorch with my propane torch. Then, I decided on the dimensions and cut everything to size. I used pallet stringers for the side supports, purposely using the forklift arches as a decorative feature. Next, I cut the back boards to length and installed them onto the pallet stringers, securing with nails. The shelf was secured with more nails to the back boards. I used glue for all the joints as well.

Pallet Mirrored Key Holder/Shelf – finishing up:

I applied a clear varnish to everything and let it dry. Then, I added hex screws to hold the keys and attached a 12 x 12″ mirror tile with silicone adhesive.

Pallet Mirrored Key Holder/Shelf Pallet Shelves & Pallet Coat Hangers

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