Kids Pallet Playhouse

Kids Pallet Playhouse Pallet Sheds, Cabins, Huts & Playhouses

This lovely kids playhouse was all made from pallet wood!

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Dave Fabian



According to the ISPM 15 heat enabled chemical impregnation is also Heat treatment.
(Page 12:

How can I be sure that a pallet is not chemically impregnated?

Reply to  Henk

@Henk: I’ve seen this “… heat-enabled chemical pressure impregnation…” and to be honest I don’t know exactly what it means. We will made some search on this and if we found the information, we will add it on our page dedicated to safety as it’s an important information.
From what I’ve found and understand:
CPI (Chemical Pressure Impregnation) – Treatment of wood with a chemical preservative through a
process of pressure.
So, it should be marked on the pallet CPI (HT) but will verify.

JW Ziolkowski

I made a hunting blind

Krystyna Tutus

A to nasz domek zrobiony z palet

Aleksandar Rajkov
Reply to  Krystyna Tutus


i like the look of that,are there any plan’s available

Micah Bigtobacco Harbaugh

I was looking to do something similar to make a smokehouse.

Joan Russell
Joan Russell

I want the instructions for this play house. How do I get them.?????

vivien jalabert
vivien jalabert
Reply to  Joan Russell

Hello, I do not have make of plan. but I little to make you coasts if you want to be. Vivien

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