Pallet Garden Hot Bed

I needed a hot bed to start my seedlings in the spring. I needed it high enough, so I did not need to bend down as I find it difficult to stand up afterward. It is constructed from pipe pallets a recycled wall frame and two recycled Aluminium windows.

Pallet Garden Hot Bed Pallet Planters & Compost Bins

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Lynda Bartlett

Zane Bastian

Kesteloot Bart


Audrey Deré Gajić

Nathalie Dumond-Wiart une autre vue ^^

Nathalie Dumond-Wiart

Beaucoup de charme :-)

Hector Miranda

Genial !!!

Remy Ismail Raba

pour les semis ;c’est parfait

Sergio Almeida

real good!!!


Belle job / Nice job


This looks fabulous!! Can you tell us more about how you made it?? PLEASE?? I want the hubby to make this, but we’d like some tips on how to make it.

Van Den Bosch Ingrid
Van Den Bosch Ingrid

deze gaan we indd maken Ramona Dekkers

Ramona Dekkers

Van Den Bosch Ingrid hij lijkt bijna

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