Pallet Wall Decor & Pallet Painting

Pallet wall decor & pallet painting crafts are gentle on the budget, but high on style and creativity. Don’t pay bloated sticker prices for the off-the-shelf fare when you can have individualized artwork and decor that no one else has!

Use pallets to make amazing artwork and painting crafts! No matter your style, including classical, country, rustic, vintage or ultra-modern, you can find inspiration to add unique decor to your home. Better yet, use free wooden pallets, as they’re perfect for this purpose.Pallet wall decor & pallet painting crafts – You’re the next undiscovered artist!

From paintings to decorative frames, message boards, organization centers, racks, decorative shelving and more, you’ll find it at Make it suit your living space and style, and have pride that you made it, you saved money, and no one else has it anywhere else.

Stormy Night Pallet Wood Led-lit Wall Art

By Stellerartworks

This is my pallet artwork featuring cut out design and paint/stain technique and finished with LED lighting.

Pallet Woven Deco Frame: Fun Project With Kids!

By lapalettedesbricoleurs

Watch my DIY Video Tutorial and make a Pallet  Woven Deco Frame. This home decor idea is a perfect project to create with the kids! Make wall art and memories […]

Pallet Wood Stars

By Dark_Horse_Woodworking

Indoor or outdoor stars made of recycled pallet wood slats.

Pallet Cactus String Art

By aCuriousCreator

A beautiful modern pallet wood string art cactus project.

Large Pallet Letters Wall Art

By palletmanmark

Make any size letter you desire with my Glue and screw technique.

Charming Pallet Picture Frames

By Michael Phillips

I made these pallet picture frames from a few old pallet pieces. They are either mitered or lap-jointed together, and I made a few different sizes. They look adorable with […]

Led-lit Pallet Elk Wall Art

By stan

I made this 44″ square LED-Lit Pallet Elk Wall Art using about three pallets. It took a while, and I completed this project in about 72 hours. It looks great hanging […]

Hand-painted Easy Pallet Picture

By Neokentin

I saw this a Hobby Lobby for $50. It took me a couple hours to make it for free!

Spell Out Your Love: Pallet Love Wall Art

By SoILLPallets

LOVE is gentle, LOVE is kind, LOVE does not envy… except when you see this hanging in someone’s home.

Heart Cut-out Pallet Tea Light Holder

By palletmanmark

Oak pallet wood deserves to be shown off and not hidden, lets light it up.

Diy Video Tutorial: Travel-inspired Pallet Picture Frame

By aCuriousCreator

Inspired by traveling the world, a rustic pallet wood picture frame to keep different currencies from all countries visited.

Diy Video Tutorial: Thin Blue Line Pallet Flag

By Dark_Horse_Woodworking

Support our police officers with a Blue Lives Matter flag!

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