by Jennifer Roth

Pallet Bed Headboard

  • 4 pallets

  • medium

  • 3h

  • n/a

We made this rustic pallet bed headboard in an afternoon. We did have to purchase 2-2x4s and 3-1x4s at the local hardware store. We love how it turned out!

Pallet Bed Headboard Pallet Beds, Pallet Headboards & Frames

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Leigh Styles

Alex Livingston

Danielle Allan

Melissa Carroll how cool is this. We could make this

Melissa Carroll
Reply to  Danielle Allan

Let’s!! That’s what I wanted for Phoenix’s bed!!!

Danielle Allan
Reply to  Danielle Allan

We should try I knew that’s what you wanted for him

Kylie Kyza Johnson

i want that doona cover

Johnpaul Mifsud

Christine Caruana

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