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by Erica

Pallet Garden Flower Hanger

  • 1 pallet

  • easy

  • 2h

  • $20

Try this simple, DIY Pallet Garden Flower Hanger project. A great way to showcase gorgeous flowers on a budget!

How you can make this fun, quick Pallet Garden Flower Hanger:

I found a nice oak pallet with a bit of character. Then I removed four of the deck boards, skipping the lead and center boards. I spray painted the entire pallet, encapsulating all of it to protect it from the elements as much as possible. I used three cans of Valspar Nautical to complete this.

I let it dry and screwed in two cup hooks on the underside of each stringer. I bought cute tin mini-pails from Michael’s Craft Stores and drilled small holes into the bottoms of each so water can drain. I planted bright flowers in the buckets. The little handles make them easy to hang! Finally, I cut twine into different lengths and tied a loop around each bucket handle. Just hang them up, however, you, please!

Pallet Garden Flower Hanger Pallet Planters & Compost Bins


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Really great idea !

Theresa Lyvers Monroe

Ty I saved it

Claire Rea

Geraldine Rea how cute?

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