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Easel From Recycled Pallet Slats

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Easel From Recycled Pallet Slats Pallet Wall Decor & Pallet Painting

Pallet wood could also be useful to make a cheap easel!

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Patounette Mado Pat

Alie Nath une idée pour tes tableaux

Help, how do you get the actual tutorial? Really want to make this but can’t figure out how to get the plans. I downloaded the program and nothing happens.

Dina Lopes Cabaco

Ursula Pietersz

Claudine Smile
Claudine Smile

Mais ouiiii, c’est tout à fait ça qui le faut ! Il est superbe.

Suzanne Mitchell-Davenport

I love this

Armand Potier
Armand Potier

Adeline Scherding Sonny Mac Cormick pour les expos !!!

Faith Malajka
Faith Malajka


Catherine McCrum
Catherine McCrum

Yes! I will be making myself one of these, I have all the scrap wood I need and it does not need to be ‘pretty’ simply functional. Thanks for displaying this.

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