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Framed Red Lips From Scrap Pallets

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Just pucker your lips and blow… or make your own Framed Red Lips From Scrap Pallets instead! I made this fun piece of wall art in about an hour. I don’t think anyone can tell that this art piece is made from recycled wood!

A little about my Framed Red Lips from Scrap Pallets:

The final product measures about 450 mm x 450 mm. I split pallets planks down the middle using a homemade track saw. Next, I made the frame using a jigsaw to cut the mitered corners. I glued the corners together and mounted them together using pocket hole screws. Then I secured the corners together with pocket hole screws on the back sides. Then I then took some scrap pieces and planed them down to about 10 mm thick with the hand plane and drew on the lip shapes with a pencil. I  cut the shapes out with a jigsaw and spray painted them red. Next, I glued the cut-out lips onto a piece of hardboard and glued that to the back of the frame. I then painted the frame with white PVA paint and just sanded down in a few places to give a worn effect.

Framed Red Lips From Scrap Pallets Pallet Wall Decor & Pallet Painting

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John Coonradt jr.
John Coonradt jr.

Where did you get the print of the lips to trace.

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