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by St Alexia

Pallet Bed Made From Recycled Pallets

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Here is my new pallet bed made with 4 pallets (100*110cm). I've used a "shell" color paint.

Voici mon nouveau lit confectionné grâce à 4 palettes 100*110cm. La peinture utilisée est de couleur "coquillage" et à été étirée, pour donner un effet patiné.

Pallet Bed Made From Recycled Pallets Pallet Beds, Pallet Headboards & Frames
Pallet Bed Made From Recycled Pallets Pallet Beds, Pallet Headboards & Frames

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Martin Vidili

Mira esta pagina hipie Emi Zarranz

Rhian Burnett

Pene Lope xx

Pene Lope

That’s too easy haha xx

Kris Tercaefs

Real craftsmanship..

Marlene Temma
Marlene Temma

Peut mieux faire les artistes ;-) je vs montre ça bientôt :-P


I have done this before and it does make a great platform! Sand it down well and router down the corners to make it a softer look for your room. Add strip lights if you want a night light to keep you from kicking the corners.

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