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Pallet Animal Shelter For Our Goats

  • 7 pallets

  • easy

  • 8h

  • $20

To build our Pallet Animal Shelter, we picked up seven pallets, choosing similar ones as much as possible. Additionally, we collected palm fronds for the roof of the shelter.

Build your own Pallet Animal Shelter!

First, we connected three pallets to form the back of the shelter and two pallets for each side. We used other single pallet wood deck boards to splice the walls together and attached /nailed the 2" x 4"s of the different pallets together. Once we put up the walls, we cut extra 2" x 4"s from various pallets and made stakes to hold the pen together. The stakes were hammered into the ground with a sledgehammer and nailed to the walls. This structure is not hurricane proof, by no means. We then attached a 2" x 4" to the back wall, rising about 2 feet above the wall. Next, we put a pole in the front of the shelter, about two feet in the ground.

Get creative with materials you have available for your own Pallet Animal Shelter!

I found some old 2" x 4"s laying around and constructed the middle ridge board from the back of the 2" x 4" that stands up about two feet to the front pole. There is a slight angle, about 4" from the front to the back. With the same types of old 2" x 4"s, we constructed the rafters. Using scrap pallet wood, we attached the rafters to the pallet walls. Using a nail gun is an awesome tool for this project. Then we took pallet boards and nailed them across the beams, spacing them about eight to ten inches apart.

Fast thinking provides free resources for our Pallet Animal Shelter.

I flagged down a trailer leaving town full of palm tree leaves. These guys were going to spend about $50 at the dump, so they took them to our fenced area and had them dump the leaves off with me. We took a chop saw (another necessary tool) and cut the stems off the leaves, leaving about 5" to nail into the pallet wood. We spaced the leaves about 4-5" apart, starting at the bottom, working from left to right and working ourselves to the top.

Creative use of local materials, including palm fronds for the roof of this pallet animal shelter can save you a lot of money!
Our completed animal shelter, topped with palm fronds.
This pallet shelter is a quick build, using whole pallets for the walls and scrap wood to create the pitched roof.
Another view of our goat shelter.
The back view of the Pallet Animal Shelter
The back side of the housing.

Our Pallet Animal Shelter.

An inside shot of the construction of our Pallet Animal Shelter.
A view of the inside construction.
Helpers are great when you're doing a big project like this Pallet Animal Shelter.
Getting help makes this project move faster.
Pallet Animal Shelter gets a palm-frond roof.
I'm attaching the palm fronds to create a "thatched" style roof.
The palm fronds were cut to about 5" long for the Pallet Animal Shelter roof.
We cut the palm frond stems to about 5" long so that I could nail them to the cross pieces of the roof.

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