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by Scott

Oh-canada-dry Pallet Bathroom Cabinet

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I didn’t think out of the box; I thought ABOUT the box. This Pallet Bathroom Cabinet was made from only a few pallet deck boards and the decorative pieces from some old soda crates.

This Pallet Bathroom Cabinet was fairly easy, and only took about four hours:

First, I used just a few pallet deck boards to create the straightforward box frame. Then I used a few more deck board pieces to create the back of the cabinet. I did the same thing for the inner shelves. I assembled everything with glue and finishing nails, other than the fasteners that came with the hinges and latch. Next, I used some of the side pieces from a couple of old soda crates to create the doors. I installed them with two hinges per door. Then I upcycled a couple of soda tops as small, decorative pull handles.  I installed a decorative hook-and-eye closure on the front of the doors. Finally, I sanded everything lightly and finished by spraying it all with a matte clear coat to preserve the rustic look. Although this took some time, it was an easy and fun build.

Pallet Bathroom Cabinet – options:

You could use other soda brands, or you could even wood-transfer your favorite beer, wine, or other beverage brands as well.

This is a fun addition to our house, and I hope it inspires you!

Oh-canada-dry Pallet Bathroom Cabinet Pallet Cabinets & Wardrobes

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