Pallet Wardrobe

A wardrobe made from upcycled pallets an a couple of two by fours that I had ripped to make the frame.

Pallet Wardrobe Pallet Cabinets & Wardrobes

Pallet Wardrobe Pallet Cabinets & Wardrobes

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Michael Ingram

Cut a hole in the floor and it could be an outhouse. ☺️


I’ve subscribed and want to download plans for this. How do I do it? My cat destroyed the flimsy cloth one I have.

Joy Northcutt Bunch

I would make me a outside shower house,always wanted one

Carol Agers

I thought it was an outhouse.

Catherine Baroche

avec quelques planches en cèdre et on est à l’habrit des mites.

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