by Cary's Pallet-wood Creations

Oak Cabinet

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I started with raw pallet wood stringers. I made a jig for the table saw to straighten the wood and then planned the wood down to size. Some of the wood had to be biscuit jointed to make wide enough for certain parts.

My biscuit joint every 4″ to 6″ to give it the strength to hold straight (some wood would pull and bend if not glued in this way because it is raw pallet wood). I also used antique hardware I bought online.

The glass is wavy bubble glass for that authentic antique look. It is also the most costly item of the cabinet. It took me two weeks to build after work in the evenings and weekends. We enjoy the piece very much. By Cary’s Pallet-Wood Creations.

Oak Cabinet Pallet Cabinets & Wardrobes
Oak Cabinet Pallet Cabinets & Wardrobes
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Micka Gab


Colleen A Pariani

Beautiful love it.

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