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Pallet Oak Trash Cabinet

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I made the frame for the cabinet out of old 4×4 scraps of left-over pine sized to fit our pre-existing plastic trash bin. Once the frame was made, I covered it in oak pallet wood that I had on hand. Each slat was run through a planer multiple times for uniform thickness and then squared up on a table saw.

Labor intensive, but free and worth it when I saw the old scraps of oak pop live again. My wife was delighted when she saw the finished result, even if it was a few days late for her birthday.

Pallet Oak Trash Cabinet Pallet Cabinets & Wardrobes
Pallet Oak Trash Cabinet Pallet Cabinets & Wardrobes
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Mary Huff

Monte Evans THIS is very cool!

France Blanchard

Hooo que j’en voudrais une moi…c très jolie…et ça cache la poubelle…..;-)…très bonne idée et c très jolie…:-D


That is truly beautiful. You’ve done a lovely job.
My wife wants one now.
Do you have the plans or know where I can get them.
I’d appreciate it. Thank you.

Kathleen Thomason
Kathleen Thomason
Reply to  David Williams

I love this. Can u make me one?

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