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by Paoloexe

Modern-antique Pallet Chandelier

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I made this Modern-Antique Pallet Chandelier from a large Oak 4×4” pallet stringer that had some excellent aging and splits. I hung it with some aged chain after adding some modern LED lights.

Use found parts and make your own Modern-Antique Pallet Chandelier:

First, I gently sanded the 4×4” Oak stringer to remove large splinters but was cautious not to remove too much character. Next, I evaluated the stringer. It had large splits, so I had to be careful where I drilled holes for the lights, or I risked splitting it into two pieces. Then I inserted some leftover LED lamps after drilling holes to fit the fixture bodies and recess the lights the way I wanted. I installed two large screw eyes and attached some leftover chain I had to transform these leftover pieces into a Modern-Antique Pallet Chandelier.

I finished off the piece with some wood oil.

Editor’s note: Terrific idea – and quite stylish too!

Safety tip for anyone considering making your own Pallet Chandelier: Be sure to find a stud to securely anchor your lighting fixture to. Oak stringers are HEAVY, and we want you all safe and sound for many years to come!

Modern-antique Pallet Chandelier Pallet Lamps & Lights
Modern-antique Pallet Chandelier Pallet Lamps & Lights

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