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Mid-century Live-edge Pallet Coffee Table

  • 1 pallet

  • medium

  • 3h

  • $50

I had some scrap pine pallet planks along with the tremendous live edge piece, and it inspired me to make this live-edge pallet coffee table. I filled the live edge with epoxy, and after it dried, I planed it to the same thickness as the pine planks. Then I framed in the live edge piece. It is held together with glue and biscuits. There is a 3/4" frame underneath for added stability and also to secure the legs.

Don't sand the live edge off! Instead, feature it as this Live-Edge Pallet Coffee Table does!

The epoxy takes some sanding and buffing to make clear. I sanded with, 60, 150, 220, 300, 400, 1200, hit with rubbing compound and then finished with a polishing compound.

For the legs, I went to a metal shop and bought some remnants. My neighbor is a mechanic/welder, so he helped out with the base. The legs are 3 3/8" rods welded to a point. There is a flat piece of steel at the top that is a triangle. We welded one rod to each point. They then come together and are welded to a disc. Two screws hold each leg to the bottom of the table. I glued a small felt disk to the bottom. Spray painted in pewter. The finish is Ipswich Pine 221, wax on top of that.

Live-edge Pallet Coffee Table features hand-made hairpin legs.
The finished coffee table. The iron legs are a nod to those beautiful mid-century hairpin legs.
I spray painted the legs on my Live-edge Pallet Coffee Table with a silver color.
I spray painted the legs with a silver color.
Applying the epoxy to the gap in the two live-edge pieces on this Live-edge Pallet Coffee Table.
Applying the epoxy to the gap in the two live-edge pieces.
A view of the top of the Live-edge Pallet Coffee Table with the finished epoxy center.
A view of the top of the coffee table with the completed epoxy center.
I padded the feet of the legs with felt disks on the Live-edge Pallet Coffee Table.
I padded the feet with felt pads.
A view of the underside of the table.

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