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Mega-march Ideas: Top 10 Pallet Projects March 2017

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Shake off the winter blahs, get some fresh air, and make something awesome to welcome Spring! Here are the Top 10 Pallet Projects March 2017 as chosen by YOU, our awesome Crafters!

Put some Spring in your step with these Top 10 Pallet Projects March 2017 - with indoor and outdoor ideas for your whole house!

#1: Top project of March 2017: Outstanding Pallet Kids Bunk Beds With Playhouse

Mega-march Ideas: Top 10 Pallet Projects March 2017 Other Pallet Projects

Make the most of the small spaces with this terrific pallet bunk bed and kids playhouse combination! This would even make chores like changing the sheets an adventure!

#2: Get your party started: Party Like Pros: 2-person Pallet Recliner Has Built-in Ice Chest

Mega-march Ideas: Top 10 Pallet Projects March 2017 Other Pallet Projects

What could be better than to create your own Party Throne, complete with a spot for an ice chest? A two-seater for a best friend, family member or loved one, of course!

#3: Spring gardening wouldn't be complete without Gated Pallet Compost Bins - that can be multi-purpose!

Mega-march Ideas: Top 10 Pallet Projects March 2017 Other Pallet Projects

#4: You can't have a compost bin without a garden! Here's what you can do in 4 Easy Steps: Create Your Own Pallet Garden!

Mega-march Ideas: Top 10 Pallet Projects March 2017 Other Pallet Projects

#5: You've got the Party Chair - so now you need the bar! Here's some Pallet Bar Wall Rack Ideas You Can Do Easily!

Mega-march Ideas: Top 10 Pallet Projects March 2017 Other Pallet Projects

Halfway there already! Hang onto your hats because there are five more Pallet Projects March 2017 to inspire you!

Bio: I'm a Licensed Vocational Nurse in Southern California, and enjoy woodworking with pallets. I've mad... read more

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Patti Aguirre

What an AWESOME idea!! <3 <3 <3

Jeremy Juglar

Saan Draa !! Tu peux même caller ta tortue

Rebekka Middleton

Phillipkathy Walker yes please!! I’ll take one of these to store my shells in 😍

1001 Pallets

That’s a cool version – I like seeing the pallet stringers/blocks like that! Nicely done! :D

Cédric Monbernard

Yan Momi c’est ca que tu veux faire ?

Alex Andra

Ri Yad elle est plus stylée que la nôtre celle-ci

Clint Metcalfe

Can be done but a bugger to transport. If I get posted west it’s yours

Chantell Lovell

Still my dream coffee table Clint Metcalfe!

Elodie Belmonte

Belmonte Emmanuel c’est ça qu’il faut faire pour exposer les coquillages et étoiles de mer (ramassées mortes après une tempête, je précise)

James Robert Cobb Jr.

Cool beans.

Mia Slv

Li Sa si tu cherches quoi faire des tes coquillages ;)

Li Sa

Ah ouais pas mal !

Randy Boultinghouse

Blaise Barker this would go good with your new couch and chair.

Blaise Barker

My luxurious couch and chair?

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