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Majestic Man Cave Pallet Treasure Chest

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I salvaged a neat old iron door from a neighbor and turned it into my Pallet Treasure Chest. Then I made the frame out of 2×2″ scrap wood. I sheathed the outside with pallet boards that I stained with a homemade stain mix.

Upcycle unique old pieces into a Pallet Treasure Chest!

I used a home-brew wood stain (steel wool, coffee grounds, and vinegar) to create the aged look of the wood. I treated the screws on the face of the door by soaking them in vinegar and then gun bluing for a vintage look. The finish on the handles was stripped and then soaked in vinegar. I put a light coat of stove wax on the door (not pictured).

Majestic Man Cave Pallet Treasure Chest Pallet Boxes & Chests
Upcycle unique pieces into personal artwork to adorn your home.
Majestic Man Cave Pallet Treasure Chest Pallet Boxes & Chests
This homemade box will be a great addition to my man cave.

Make an adorable Pallet Kitty House. Turn a tailgate into an outdoor bench.

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Ha ha ha

James Davies


Steve Midfield Knight

James Davies I hope you put enough shelf between each row so you can line up lego men all over the wall.. else tear it ff start again.

James Davies


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