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by Ryan Elam

Amazing No-cost Arch-topped Pallet Trunk

  • 4 pallets

  • medium

  • 15h

  • free

This beautiful Arch-Topped Pallet Trunk is made from pallet wood. If that seems impossible, just look at the inside support pieces on the trunk lid & box!

Arch-Topped Pallet Trunk:

Why build a box when you can build something that could be a keepsake? This pallet trunk is a great example of turning old pallets into heirlooms. First, I built the frame using pallet stringers and featured the forklift arches whenever possible. Next, I clad the sides of the trunk with pallet deck boards. I trimmed it out with 1×4″ boards for a decorative touch. I used a wider deck board for the arched sides and carved it to the curve I wanted. Then I applied more deck boards over those curved side boards, and trimmed it out with some thin, flexible trim board I had lying around. I used two door hinges for the top of the trunk and added rope handles and pulls.

Editor’s note: If you have children or visitors with children, you may want to consider using some type of safety hinge, lift-assist system or gas-charged shocks to prevent injuries to little fingers.

Amazing No-cost Arch-topped Pallet Trunk Pallet Boxes & Chests
Amazing No-cost Arch-topped Pallet Trunk Pallet Boxes & Chests

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Thanks for this, I will be making one to see how I do.

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