Pallet FurnitureLuxurious Custom Living Room Furniture From Recycled Pallets

Luxurious Custom Living Room Furniture From Recycled Pallets

If you are trying to get that luxury look for your living room, but you are on a budget, then one great way of achieving this is to use recycled pallets and repurpose them to make furniture. These pallets can be sourced at next to no expense; sometimes, you may even find that you can get them for free from storage yards and warehouses. Once you get the pallets, they will need to be fully sanded down, have any loose nails removed and treated; once you have done this, there are many pieces of living room furniture which you can make from them.


Because of the uniformity of pallets, they make a great option for a sleek nest of tables; what you can also do here is to make a small table in the center of the room and then, using the same design, create a smaller nest which will complement each other. For the best results with pallets, especially if you are looking for that luxury design, treat them with dark oil. Even though the wood is not of the highest quality, you’d be surprised at how well the oils soak into the timber, which offers both protection and stylish color.


A sideboard is great for several reasons; firstly, they add a real sense of style to the room; secondly, they are a perfect option for storage, and finally, they really help to amplify the space in the living room. Using pallets, you can create a structure and then use hardwood for the insides of the cupboards and drawers. The pallets will form that stylish shell, and then you can use more sturdy options for the storage areas. To give this sideboard a stylish touch, treat the surface of the wood and then lay a long pane of glass over the top, which will give you a bit of brightness and draw your eye to the piece.

Chaise Lounge

When it comes to furniture, it doesn’t get much more stylish than a chaise lounge, and believe it or not; you can easily make one using a recycled pallet. What you will need to do with the pallet here is to break it down and take the slats from it. Take those slats and make sure that they are heavily sanded to leave a smooth touch. Cut each salt to the same distance and then lay them down an inch apart until you have the right length for this piece of furniture. Next up, you can use the waste wood to create a structure. What you are looking to do here is create a base with some of the waste wood, in a long S shape from foot to head of the chaise lounge, the bend of the S is where you will sit. Once you have this, nail each slat with a very small distance between them, until you have reached the top of the structure. Dress this with a soft, long cushion, and you will have a super luxurious piece for your living room.

These options are eco-friendly, they are full of character and they will deliver you a luxury look on a budget.

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