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Body-contoured Pallet Chaise Lounger

  • 3 pallets

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  • 12h

  • $20

I built this Body-Contoured Pallet Chaise Lounger by adapting a design I found online that looked really cool. The design intrigued me and making wheels from wood really was an exciting challenge for me. I'm happy with my work, and this was a fun project to work through. I had to adjust and constantly adapt to the materials I had on hand as I recently lost my job and am on a very tight budget. I made the slats, wheels, supports, and a curved brace from pallet deck boards I got recently.

My Pallet Chaise Lounger - Curved base:

The long side rails of the frame were leftover material from a house renovation job site up the road. I made the curved braces for the slats first as I thought it would be my biggest hurdle. I attached two boards together to create a 2x8" board width to allow for the extra curve below the knee area of the bench. Then, I made my template using a cardboard box that I flattened and drew a grid on to get it right. I transferred to the wood and cut with a jigsaw. Then, I butt-joined the sides with the end pieces and secured the frame together with screws.  I butt-joined two scrap pieces of deck boards and formed the legs, tapering them down for a bit of elegance. Finally, I attached them from the inside to the frame with screws.

My Pallet Chaise Lounger - The wheels:

First, I had to decide the size of the wheels I wanted. This was accomplished by using a piece of cardboard, a pencil, and a string. I held the string in the middle of the board, and the another end was tied to my pencil. I adjusted it until I decided the size I liked, and then quickly drew out a neat circle. Next, I cut 18 pieces of deck boards just a little larger than the disc. I then cut with a jigsaw. I made a jig and held them in place with a nail circle and glued them together. Next, I added some short pieces to reinforce where the headrest support boards were to be mounted to the frame and support the wheels.

My Pallet Chaise Lounger - The headboard and Finishing:

I pre-drilled the headboard support slats and made a mistake. I neglected to realize that the slats for the head end needed to be drilled/screwed at different measurements to those at the bottom. So, I had to re-drill for the head end. That was another learning process. I had to cut four pieces to create the headboard portion - two to hold the slat boards and two more as the support beams. Then, I used more deck boards to cover the top surface of the chaise, securing with screws. I sanded and sanded and sanded some more. Then, I sanded some more! Finally, I the applied a coat of clear varnish, sanded and applied another. My wife really likes it, and that's what counts, isn't it?

Pallet Chaise Lounger1
Pallet Chaise Lounger2
Pallet Chaise Lounger3

Pallet Chaise Lounger4
Pallet Chaise Lounger5
Pallet Chaise Lounger6
Pallet Chaise Lounger7

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Stephane Dubaux

Lilia Carrere c’est mieux que le plastique…

Lilia Carrere

Tu as un ponceuse pro une disqueuse une scie sauteuse et un etau ???? Mdr … moi jai la visseuse devisseuse !!!! ???


Is there a place to download the plan for that great lounge?


Please help me find inspiration for a tree house design for my two little boys
Many thanks.


Nice and clean !


love the wheels… sure i’ll be making them also :)

Charles Delaney

Nice job

Jamie Brooks

That does look good

Pauline Baker

I like it and sure you can make one lol as your the expert

Jamie Brooks

Ye I could

Pauline Baker

Jamie Brooks me likie lol

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