Chunky Rustic Pallet Table On Wheels

  • 3 pallets

  • easy

  • 5h

  • $38

It took about ten pallets before I was able to find solid 2x4's for the frame of my Chunky Rustic Pallet Table. Everything else was just the boards off of pallets that were cut to fit the frame.

My Chunky Rustic Pallet Table on wheels:

I did spend $12.00 on the locking casters at Home Depot. I used sand paper to rough them up. Then I sprayed them with a matte finish black spray paint. The LED lights were ordered on Amazon for $19. I am in the process of trying to hook them up to a USB-charged battery bank. I applied a very light coat of gray stain and wiped it off immediately. Then I followed that with a coat of Kona-colored stain that I also wiped off after letting it sit for approximately 2 minutes.

I do sell these. As an Army Veteran myself, I donate 20% of all profits to military families in need at Camp Pendleton, California. To purchase, or if you have any questions about the build, feel free to contact me at stampershane74 'at ' Thank you!

Chunky Rustic Pallet Table On Wheels
Chunky Rustic Pallet Table2
Chunky Rustic Pallet Table On Wheels

Chunky Rustic Pallet Table On Wheels
Chunky Rustic Pallet Table On Wheels

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