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by Bryanna

Rustic Meets Modern Steel-framed Pallet Coffee Table

  • 2 pallets

  • medium

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When Rustic Meets Modern, you get this ultra-cool Steel-Framed Pallet Coffee Table. If you’ve got a welder (or a friend who welds), and two pallets, you could build a version of this for your home!

Steel-Framed Pallet Coffee Table Materials:

  • Two pallets
  • Crowbar
  • 40mm square steel
  • 30mm square steel
  • Matte black spray paint
  • P240 sandpaper
  • 50mm screws
  • Foam
  • Deck oil

Steel-Framed Pallet Coffee Table Tools:

  • Orbital sander
  • Drop saw
  • Welder & supplies
  • Hammer
  • Crowbar
  • Cordless Drill
  • Angle Grinder

Steel-Framed Pallet Coffee Table Procedure:

First, I used a crowbar to take one of the pallets apart. I left the nails on the boards! Then, I installed some of the deck boards onto the second pallet to fill in the gaps. Next, I sanded down the tabletop thoroughly with paper and a random-orbit sander. I cut four legs using the 40-mm-square tube steel. Then I cut four 30-mm square steel pieces for the table rails/frame. I welded the frame and legs together as shown in the pictures below. Then, I used an angle grinder to smooth down the weld joints. I spray-painted the square steel base a matte black color. I cut eight small rectangular foam pieces to keep the tabletop steady on the base. Then, I attached the table top to the base using 50-mm screws. Finally, I used deck oil on the table top. Boom! A rustic-meets-modern steel-framed Pallet Coffee Table!

Rustic Meets Modern Steel-framed Pallet Coffee Table Pallet Coffee Tables
Rustic Meets Modern Steel-framed Pallet Coffee Table Pallet Coffee Tables

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