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Lux's Getaway-resort Pallet Dog House

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I made this Pallet Dog House for my father's dog. I wanted it to be weather-resistant and comfortable, so I made sure there was a weather barrier under the roof.

Lux's Getaway Pallet Dog House:

First, I started with Euro-sized pallet as the base - one that was filled with boards on top. I decided the dimensions were going to be 60cm tall x 60cm width, and 70cm length. Next, I used more pallet stringer boards to create the corner posts on the dog house. I stacked three together after cutting them to length. To mount the four corner posts, I simply installed a stringer to the underside of each and stood them up. All I had to do was to fit the stringer boards in place and then install a stringer board across the top of each to stabilize.

Pallet Dog House - entrance and finish framing:

I installed a plastic frame around the entry so the dog wouldn't be chewing on boards (if he got the notion to, that is). I covered the sides and back with pallet boards. Next, I framed out the roof to create the pitch. The roof line was created by putting one stringer board up on its side, and then two more stringer boards went from the corners of the house up to the center of the roofline, and I angled the boards to meet. I angled the outer edges of the boards to meet up with the top of the wall frames too. Then I secured everything with deck screws.

Next, I sided the roof with some chipboard that I had leftover. I covered the roof with some reflective foil and secured it with roofing nails. The barrier will prevent moisture from getting in and will reflect back some heat. The front and back roof pitches were covered with leftover plywood. I sanded everything down smooth to protect the dog from any accidental splinters.

Pallet Dog House - finishing:

The only thing I have left is to decide how to finish it. Do I stain it? Should I paint it? Do I apply wax? I'll update you when I make the decision. In the meantime, the dog house is usable. I may put a proper roofing on it long-term, but we have to see if the dog is happy. I think he will be!

Pallet Dog House 1
Pallet Dog House 2
Pallet Dog House 3

Pallet Dog House 4
Pallet Dog House 5

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