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by Chris Welch

Long End-table From Pallets

  • 1.5 pallets

  • easy

  • 1.5h

  • free

This Long End-Table From Pallets is a simple design – and easy to build! The rustic charm it brings to our home can’t be beat! I built this table in about 1.5 hours and made it from three different pallets.

How I made this Long End-Table From Pallets:

First, I decided the size of my table and used some deck boards to create a rectangular frame. I made the legs from stringer boards, cutting them to the height I needed for our furniture. Next, I picked a mixture of colors and textures, as well as some character in the deck boards I had remaining. I installed them with screws and then sanded everything down enough to remove the splinters. We even left the markings put on the stringer boards from when the pallets were in use.

This simple design has many possibilities: paint, stains, varnish, a lower shelf, decorative wood between the legs, or even varying the pattern or direction of the boards on top. The frame gives you numerous opportunities to express your individuality! :D

Long End-table From Pallets Pallet Desks & Pallet Tables

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Michael Ingram

Why not sand it, stain, and polyurethane it?

Paige Henry

My awesome hubby built me one just like this? Jacob Henry

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