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Pallet Computer Desk With Diagram

  • 3 pallets

  • easy

  • 10h

  • $30

I have wanted to make a new Pallet Computer Desk for some time to replace my undersized store-bought, low-quality desk. Additionally, I thought I would attempt my project with hand tools.

Make a Pallet Computer Desk for your home office!

This project has been a workout. With power tools, I think you could finish this project in a day. However, if you use hand tools exclusively, you must have the patience of a Zen Master. The longest part was cutting every board of the pallet wood planks, although drilling the holes took a very long time too! Come to think of it, the hand-sawing in general and overall assembly by hand took a long time!

This Pallet Computer Desk is also a design idea for a workbench or other work surface!

The measurements of my desk are 240cm x 70cm x 75cm tall, and 640mm from floor to frame to allow for leg clearance. Build whatever dimensions you like as my tutorial shows the process no matter what size you need. I drew up a diagram to show how all the parts go together. I use some photos and text in this tutorial, but I highly recommend watching the videos for detailed 'how to'.

I made my Pallet Computer Desk only using hand tools but you can build this project with power tools!
I assembled this project using hand tools. Power tools would speed up the process.
Pallet Computer Desk frame is finished; desktop assembly begins.
After assembling the frame, I installed the desktop surface boards.
Adapt this Pallet Computer Desk idea to your needs. Use my techniques to size the project to your home.
Here is my completed project. This desk is sturdy, oversized, and fits my needs!
Look at all the room at my Pallet Computer Desk.
Having a roomy, sturdy desk is lovely! Build one yourself!
Drill a hole in one corner of your Pallet Computer Desk to route all the cables.
I drilled a hole to allow room for cables.
Here is the diagram of my Pallet Computer Desk. Adapt the idea to your needs.
Here is the diagram of my desk project. Adapt it to your needs.
Here are the tools I used for my Pallet Computer Desk project. Use power tools if you prefer.
These are the tools I used for this project. Feel free to use power tools instead.
Sand the Pallet Computer Desk after installation.
After installing the desktop surface, I sanded it carefully.
Finish off the Pallet Computer Desk with wax to seal the surfaces.
I finished the project using wax to seal the surfaces.

Make a Cardboard Laptop Stand!  Make Upcycled Desk Decorations!

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