Fun Pallet Crafts for KidsKids Christmas Tree Stand


by Chris Carman

Kids Christmas Tree Stand

My wife wanted a kids Christmas tree stand for a prop for her photography sessions. Pallets worked perfectly for this project. The sign is removable and during the summer, the kids are looking forward to using it as a lemonade stand.

Kids Christmas Tree Stand Fun Pallet Crafts for Kids
Kids Christmas Tree Stand Fun Pallet Crafts for Kids


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Are there plans for this anywhere? It is exactly what I need and would love to ask my dad to build for me. Thanks!

Mickael Stavaux

Bientôt bientôt lol Laetitia Stavaux :p

Chelsie Constable

Nathan Smith lets make one for the kids to sell lemonade & veggies out the front :-D

Lori Chauvin
Lori Chauvin

I love the Christmas Tree/Lemonade stand and wanted to know how many pallets were used to make it? Thanks again!

Reply to  Lori Chauvin

I used a little over 2 pallets.

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