Fun Pallet Crafts for KidsElementary School Classroom Pallet Potting Bench

Elementary School Classroom Pallet Potting Bench

  • 2 pallets

  • medium

  • n/a

  • $30

My sister needed a kid-sized potting bench for her classroom, so I mad this Classroom Pallet Potting Bench for her using pieces from two pallets.

I found two pallets and broke them down to get the pieces I needed for this child’s potting bench. Additionally, I ordered some liquid pigments online that I mixed with polyurethane for the finishes you see. I finished the piece off by applying a plain finish for the top and bottom shelf and a blue metallic one for the other pieces.

Materials Needed:

  • Copper pipe piece I had found in a dumpster at a nearby construction site.
  • Wheels I had leftover from something many years ago.
  • One left-over curtain rod piece that I installed at one end and bolted it in really tightly.
  • The penny was something I decided to add at the very end to give the piece something interesting to the front of it that her kids may like. I bored into the wood just a tad with a spade bit and then glued in the penny.
  • Two long bolts to hold the handle to the base (about 6″ in length).
Elementary School Classroom Pallet Potting Bench Fun Pallet Crafts for Kids

Fun idea! For more inspiration, look at this Potting Table idea.


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