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Interior Door Pallet Head Board

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I had an idea to use an interior door and turn it into a Door Pallet Head Board. I wanted to be able to maximize the pallet wood I had, and the door was just the ticket!

When is a door not a door? When it’s a Door Pallet Head Board, of course!

First, I found a light, hollow bedroom door; one that you could not use anymore due to holes in it. I saved these doors when we did a remodel of our newly bought run-down beach house. I cut the door to the length I wanted. Next, I laid out the pallet wood on top of the door to get a good idea of how the boards would fit. I wanted a good fit, but small gaps, such as 1/8″ or less were fine for this rustic project.  I used different thicknesses giving it a more rugged project. Then I cut each one, a little shorter than the width of the door at the appropriate angle. I laid each one down one at at time using Liquid Nails Construction Adhesive and a brad nailer/brads. The brads just held everything in place temporarily.

This Door Pallet Head Board is even a neat idea to upcycle a damaged door/decorate a plain interior door!

From there, I placed a trim around the headboard, allowing a small lip to cover the side pieces to cover each end of the door. Then, I put a small shelf on top of the headboard. I sanded the project lightly. To match the decor in the bedroom, I used a gray stain, with a very very light touch of black stain. I sealed it with indoor sealant. To finish up the project, I bought a small rope and outlined the headboard to hide some gaps that were in the headboard.

Door Pallet Head Board finishing touches – customize it to fit your decor!

I thought about also putting lamps but maybe later as the previous headboard was falling apart fast. On the shelf, we will put some shells and starfish as decor later on. I believe the entire key to the project was using an old bedroom door as a base, keeping the project from warping and keeping everything aligned and using a door does not add much more weight.

Interior Door Pallet Head Board Pallet Beds, Pallet Headboards & Frames
WOW – you’d never guess this beautiful pallet headboard started life as a beat-up door!
Interior Door Pallet Head Board Pallet Beds, Pallet Headboards & Frames
Don’t be afraid of strong stain colors, or of mixing stains. The effect can be dramatic like this pallet headboard project.

Now here’s an idea for Pallet Side Tables!

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