Pallet Home Décor IdeasPallet Wall Decor & Pallet PaintingGerman Short Haired Pointer Pallet Wall Art

German Short Haired Pointer Pallet Wall Art

  • 1 pallet

  • medium

  • 4h

  • $5

Do you have a German Short Haired Pointer Pallet Wall Art in your room? Why not when you can make one from a pallet, a few pieces of printer paper and a bit of imagination!

German Short Haired Pointer Pallet Wall Art:

I found a good picture of a German Short Haired Pointer online. Then, I enlarged it to about 4 feet in length. I printed the picture out on my printer, taped back together, and then used as a pattern over top of pallet wood. Next, I cut the pallet wood out with a jigsaw and attached to a backing. The paint is mostly white, and vintage wax, painted on then rubbed in with a rag.

German Short Haired Pointer Pallet Wall Art Pallet Wall Decor & Pallet Painting

Terrific job! For more inspiration, check out this Project!


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Muito bom Parabéns!

Nanouchka Pampam


Brendon Brown

My GSP almost never looks like that…at 14, mostly he just sleeps haha!

Yo tengo uno de esos perros, enteramente de color chocolate. Lo replicare a tamaño natural

Laughlan Stewart

Found one for you Daniel

Sarah Parkhurst

Leeann Greene Ysassi This is so cool! Is that what your dog is?

Leeann Greene Ysassi

Yep! She hardly has any white though.

Sarah Colwell

Yvette Carver ha ha

Yvette Carver
Reply to  Sarah Colwell


Mat Poulos

Love this, it’s on the todo list.

MattandCourtney Temple

Ashley Burnham McDonald thought you might like this.

Ashley Burnham McDonald

I need that! Love it!

Wooden Pallets Decor

Thanks for the post

Wooden Pallets Decor

<3 Amazing info

Wooden Pallets Decor


Wooden Pallets Decor

Hell yeah!

Tanya McIntyre

Shari Porter!!! I love this… probably as close as I’ll get to owning one Adrian Christian

Shari Porter
Reply to  Tanya McIntyre

No you gift will move

Adrian Christian
Reply to  Tanya McIntyre

Shari Porter no it won’t

Sandra McLachlan



Molto grazioso!

Christine Mahon

Jason – pallet pets!

Josée Mercier


Nick DeFelice

That’s amazing

Francoise Truche


Hillel Braun

job well done! great idea

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