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Pallets Flooring in the Garden

Have a nice little corner of your garden that you’d love to sit in, but there’s nowhere for chairs? Then make this Pallets Flooring in the Garden. You’ll only need about 4 pallets and a little free time to do some leveling.

Pallets Flooring:

I created this Pallets Flooring very quickly. I leveled the ground, and then recessed the pallets. Next, I filled all the gaps with wood and painted it.

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Nice, I hope that you put gravel under the pallets to help keep moisture away. They will last longer.


great work!
what was that filler you put in the gapes, Sawdust ?
is tight soil wasn’t good?

Polona Bida Čeligoj via Facebook
Polona Bida Čeligoj via Facebook

trnovo style?

Re.Design via Facebook

That is mine work!!! juhuuuu!!!!!!

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