Pallets in the GardenFolding Pallet Sawbuck


by Dode

Folding Pallet Sawbuck

  • 2 pallets

  • easy

  • 0.5h

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Having a sawhorse to safely hold wood so you can cut it is great – but why pay for one? Build your own Folding Pallet Sawbuck and save those “sawbucks”!

How to build this Folding Pallet Sawbuck:

This is my second project, after some simple raised beds. This is a straightforward build. I used four pallet stringers and formed two “X” shapes, screwing them together.  I installed one deck board as a cross-bracing, and it was complete!

I took my time, and it still only took about 30 minutes. This is a fast and easy project to build – and have handy – for your next pallet projects! :D

Folding Pallet Sawbuck Pallets in the Garden

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Tam Bourke

Michael Bourke this is what you need !!

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