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by Miroslav

Feeling Fragile Pallet Bar

  • 6 pallets

  • easy

  • 4h

  • free

Pallet crafts let you express yourself and have fun doing it. Check out this Feeling Fragile Pallet Bar! I built it in four hours, and the project took six pallets total. This is a fast and easy project to conquer!

This Feeling Fragile Pallet Bar has me feeling great!

I wanted a simple bar that I could assemble in a few hours. I started this by making the front of the bar out of two pallets that I set on their sides. Next, I simply screwed them together securely.  I made the sides by cutting a pallet in half and mounting it to the front section with more screws. The top is another pallet cut in half. Then, I filled in the top, sides and front with more deck boards. Then I used a section of a pallet as a handy liquor bottle shelf behind the bar.

To finish it off, I had some fun and did some freehand pyrography (woodburning).

Feeling Fragile Pallet Bar Pallet Bars
Feeling Fragile Pallet Bar Pallet Bars

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