Pallet Home Décor IdeasFarmhouse-style French Bakery Motif Pallet Wall Bins

Farmhouse-style French Bakery Motif Pallet Wall Bins

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I wanted to create something a little different, so I made these Farmhouse-Style French Bakery Motif Pallet Wall Bins. They were easy but time-consuming with the aging processes involved.

French Bakery Motif Pallet Wall Bins:

Take four boards from your pallet, clean well and sand. Cut one board into three equally-sized pieces.Lay the three boards on your work surface, measure in thirds and screw or nail your three cross boards to secure all boards together.  Next, take your bread pans and screw them into your cross boards.
We used Spax screws because they work for any type of material. If you don’t have old bread pans you can buy some cheap ones at a discount or used store and use white vinegar, hydrogen peroxide, & table salt to make them rusty. There are a lot of tutorials on the net on how to do this but I just basically dump a bit of each into a tub.

Editor’s note: We include a link to an Instructables article on how to produce a rich patina using vinegar, peroxide, and salt.

French Bakery Motif Pallet Wall Bins – The Fun Part:

Now you can paint or stain or whatever you want to the wood (it is a lot easier to do if you do it before you put it all together, particularly with painting on images). I decided to wait until mine was put together, I’ll get to why here in a moment…
I chose a couple of graphics from the Graphics Fairy and chose to do the Mod Podge Transfer method. Next, I glued my graphic to my boards and let it dry overnight. I then wet the paper and started rubbing it off. Continue to gently rub until it appears that the paper is all gone and you can see the image you transferred.

French Bakery Motif Pallet Wall Bins – My Own Take On A Technique:

Now this is where I go a little bit of a different way. I get the paper to the point that it is almost completely gone, but just a tad still remains and then I use Saman Interior Water Based Stain for Fine Wood, in color Iron Earth. With the bits of paper, the stain soaks into it and gives it sort of a “dirty” look which I think adds to the distressed/antiqued look of the piece. I love it! I always try to use water-based products and environmentally friendly products whenever possible.

French Bakery Motif Pallet Wall Bins – Finishing:

My next step is to rub the whole thing down with coconut oil…yes I said coconut oil! It conditions the wood and gives it a lovely deep rich tone. Plus your hands will love it! You can, of course, decide to use your own favorite finish, but I personally would try to keep it in a matte finish, any shine kind of ruins the “old dirty” look of it.

Something like this doesn’t HAVE to be just for the kitchen or baking stuff!
Ideas for use:

  • Farm fresh eggs!
  • Dish towels or cloths or In the bathroom for hand towels & wash cloths (looks cute rolled up)
  • Utensils
  • Baking supplies
  • Flatware
  • Salt & Pepper/Spices
  • Condiments
  • Napkins
  • Makeup & toiletries, bubble bath & salts, etc.
  • In the office for office supplies
  • Craft/art/yarn/sewing supplies
  • TV remotes, game controllers, etc.
  • Laundry supplies
  • Mudroom/ Entryway, hats, gloves, keys, etc.
  • Toys or classroom stuff
  • Garden tools
  • Jewelry & Accessories

That’s it! I hope you found this a helpful, fun and useful post.

Farmhouse-style French Bakery Motif Pallet Wall Bins Pallet Home Décor Ideas

Farmhouse-style French Bakery Motif Pallet Wall Bins Pallet Home Décor Ideas

Thank you for sharing this fun post! Here’s more inspiration for you!

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