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by Dean Wardle

Euro Pallet Wine Rack & Glasses Holder

  • 1 pallet

  • easy

  • 1h

  • free

This diminutive Euro-Pallet Wine Rack and Glasses Holder is a quick and easy addition to your home. Another idea to use those Euro-sized pallets for.

Euro-pallet Wine Rack and Glasses Holder finish:

I sanded some of the rough edges down but left some of the natural colors that the pallet picked up over time for a rustic feel. This would be a great beginner’s project.

Editor’s note: Safety first! ALWAYS follow all safety guidelines:

  • When using any power tool – read the manuals & wear appropriate safety gear as recommended by the manufacturer, as well as other safety precautions.
  • If using any paints, solvents, sealants, paints, finishes, etc.
  • Always use protective wear, including eye protection, respiratory protection, hearing protection and gloves at a minimum when dismantling pallets.
  • Please don’t get near those tools while under the influence – we want you all around for a long time!
  • Remember – we are not experts. This information provided is for inspiration and entertainment only.

Euro Pallet Wine Rack & Glasses Holder Pallet Bars

Resources for this project:

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Dean Wardle
Dean Wardle

I would like to know why you are using my pictures

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