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Easy Diy Pallet Barn Shelves

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I made this set of Pallet Barn Shelves out of necessity. The shelves measure: 48" H x 40" W x 36" D. I made this shelving unit from upcycled barn wood from my property and random pallets. It took three pallets to create and three pieces of lumber from the fences.

Make yourself a set of these Easy DIY Pallet Barn Shelves to organize your garage, shed, workshop, outdoor spaces or add to your rustic indoor decor!

First, cut several pieces of lumber to the length you choose. I cut the lumber to 48" tall and used three boards to make this as deep as I needed (dimensions listed above). I placed three boards on the ground, good side facing out, and attached them together towards the bottom, and at three other locations to create shelving brackets as well. Next, I repeated it for the other side of the shelving frame. I stood both sides up and attached them together, starting with the bottom shelves that I made from pallet wood. I continued to create shelves all the way up and topped the shelving unit off with three more boards that were the entire width, screwing them into the vertical pieces for extra support.

Rustic can be easy with these DIY Pallet Barn Shelves!

Easy Diy Pallet Barn Shelves Pallet Shelves & Pallet Coat Hangers

These DIY Pallet Barn Shelves are easy to make. Cut several pieces of wood to the same length for your side pieces (I used three on each side). Next, attach them together with the shelving supports! A great way to upcycle attractive, rustic barn wood like this, or pallet wood (as used on the shelves themselves).

Easy Diy Pallet Barn Shelves Pallet Shelves & Pallet Coat Hangers

These DIY shelves would be a great addition to any rustic indoor decor, as well as for man caves, garden sheds, barns, or garages too.

Easy Diy Pallet Barn Shelves Pallet Shelves & Pallet Coat Hangers

Make these shelves to get organized on a budget, and still have good-looking shelving that'll last a long time!

Easy Diy Pallet Barn Shelves Pallet Shelves & Pallet Coat Hangers

I made this shelving unit is sturdy enough to hold up a beer, and is also furry-friend approved! This shelving unit can be built quickly and will last a long time.

Easy Diy Pallet Barn Shelves Pallet Shelves & Pallet Coat Hangers

The shelves are in use. I ended up adding a small side shelf to hold the battery charger and spare batteries for my power tools. Then I just used more pallet wood and attached them to a pair of shelving brackets. I added a large hook to hold extension cords and then filled it up. You can see it can hold a lot of weight.

Need a workshop to build these excellent shelves for? Then check out this Ultimate Pallet Workshop! For more handy ideas to create fold-away work tables, check out this Folding Pallet Desk for inspiration!

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