Upcycled Pallet Barn

What a beautiful and useful way to reuse pallets, make a barn! Made by Paul Stankey from Hive Modular!

Upcycled Pallet Barn Pallet Sheds, Cabins, Huts & Playhouses

Upcycled Pallet Barn Pallet Sheds, Cabins, Huts & Playhouses

Upcycled Pallet Barn Pallet Sheds, Cabins, Huts & Playhouses


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Peter Bierbaum
Peter Bierbaum

Anyone have a more detailed plan for this? I would like to build it.

Katrina U'Pritchard

Luke White, sorry Camille Aurore Felicia.

Luke White

My dream

Lizanne Dymond

Bruce- this what you making. :P :P

Bruce Jon Coutts
Reply to  Lizanne Dymond

Lizanne Dymond nope but that is awesome

Lizanne Dymond
Reply to  Lizanne Dymond

Isnt it just..lol..

Julie Denham

Kerry Scott there’s an idea for some shearer’s quarters… lol

Tara Fox

James Fox she shed lol

James Fox
Reply to  Tara Fox

Tara Fox more like a What Hut

Margaret Petkovic

Great stuff recycle ♻️

Joan van Roosmale

Un peu de courant d’ air…….mais bien a l’ ombre avec ” la velo “

Thanh-Thúy Fleming

Clinton Fleming. I’m going to make this. I’m going to make a whole kingdom made entirely of pallets. Including a pallet castle and pallet throne for me to bestow my royal pallet ass on. You’ll see.

Marcello Clout

Marie-Eve Boiteau shed a bois

Pete Towlson

If you can build a barn, you can built a house Tom Towlson

Ann-Marie Richardson

Steve Richardson definitely want one of these

Emy Lie

Julien Rouillet Nono voulait une petite cabane tu te sens prêt pour ca lol ?

Jp Campos

Va Manutd Nasseres Monge para tu terraza o el tercer piso así lo podes hacer

Kevin Clark

My square pallets

Kevin Clark

How do you secure all those pallets? I wanna build sheds

Nootoa Tuivaga


Bess Sams

Your garden shed Graham Sams? Combine this with a can solar heating system and you will be able to grow anything

Paul Eckert

Looks a bit airish..

Erik Fleischer

Carol Unrue can I build this for the kid fort you want me to build this spring ??

Carol Unrue
Reply to  Erik Fleischer

Lol! Too big! I think I would need a permit.

Mb Crandell


Ben Zachariah

Phizzle Zaq

Jeffrey Edens


Bonnie Rauwerdink

Food for thought.

Debbie Pearce

John Francis we will be able to build this shortly!

Yllen Bling-bling

Ma future maison !!!! Elle Oh ahahah

Élodie Battour Jousset

Franck Jousset top ça

Laurent Beaudoin

Excellent …

Garry Rough
Garry Rough

Looks drafty…but cool idea.

Steve Osfield
Reply to  Garry Rough

Really good idea – the main cause of TB in cattle poorly ventilated barns.

Arlette Hevin

j’ai fait mon chalet de jardin comme ça !

Karalee Shumate Skye

Sarah Krippelcz lol

Karl M Jones
Karl M Jones

Rebecca Hughes Secomb Nathan Secomb

Megan Jessup
Megan Jessup

Aye. Tis a good barn English.

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