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Diy Tips for Your Bathroom

Many people consider their bathroom their sanctuary – a place to relax and unwind from the stress of the day in a hot shower or bath or a last-minute refuge before heading out the door for another long day. But if your bathroom is starting to feel old and dated or uncomfortably small, it may not be very enjoyable to spend time there at all. If you’re considering remodeling your bathroom to meet your needs, there a few tips for your bathroom that can help you get the one of your dreams.

Expand Your Bathroom

If your family has grown or you’ve simply accumulated more stuff, a bathroom that was the right size when you bought your home may now feel too small. Making your bathroom feel bigger might sound like a complex task, but in many cases, it’s really quite simple. Start by evaluating your space. Are you using the space in the best way possible, or is there a lot of dead space – space that has no purpose but is lost because it can’t be used. Does your bathroom back up to a closet you rarely use? If so, knocking that wall out in order to expand your bathroom could be the best solution. Talk with a qualified contractor before making any major home improvements like knocking out a wall to be sure they’re safe. This is also a great time to make sure your electric service is up to code and that you are getting the best deal on your electric rates. With deregulation in many areas, shopping around can save you big bucks. Click here to learn more.

Pick Classic Colors

When you’re remodeling your bathroom you may have the urge to use colors that are hot and trendy at the moment or ones that you’ve seen in design magazines or in somebody else’s home. While trendy colors might look good for a little while, you’ll likely get sick of them pretty fast and feel the need to repaint and redecorate when you feel the colors make your bathroom look dated. Instead of picking colors that are popular at the moment, choose colors that are classic and never go out of style like bright white, cream, taupe, soft yellow, deep red or indigo if you’re looking for something a bit more vibrant.

Diy Tips for Your Bathroom Pallet Home Décor Ideas

If you really want to add some trendy colors, use accessories or small items like hand towels that you can easily swap out instead of painting your walls in those colors.

Where to Use Pallets: Our Tips for your Bathroom

Pallets are a great raw material for several bathroom projects, especially if you are going for a rustic look. Start with reclaimed pallet siding on an accent wall. This is a great project for using up scraps since you can piece them together like a big jigsaw puzzle. You can also finish it any way you wish, just remember that bathrooms have a lot of moisture, so sealing and water-resistance is critical.

Diy Tips for Your Bathroom Pallet Home Décor Ideas

Pallet Walls (Bathroom & Kitchen)

You can also use pallets for a mirror or window frame and even to make a new vanity. As an added touch, check out this pallet tub shelf to finish off your look.

Diy Tips for Your Bathroom Pallet Home Décor Ideas

Wow - Pallet Bathroom Makeover!

No matter what style you want your bathroom to reflect, peace and tranquility are a common thread. When you do the work yourself, and add your own creative projects, you can have the bathroom of your dreams.

For even more ideas of pallet projects for your bathroom, you must have a look at our article 17 Pallet Projects You Can Make For Your Bathroom!

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