Pallet Boxes & Chests

From toolboxes to Pirate’s chests, you’ll be amazed by the pallet boxes & chests that our Crafters have made. Some are practical; some are fantastical, but all are from free, repurposed pallet wood! How to build a pallet trunk? Do it Yourself with our ideas & projects! Big or Small, Our Crafters Make It All!

Look around at all of the terrific DIY projects for pallet boxes, pallet crates & pallet chests.  The projects are made from free, recycled, and repurposed wooden pallets. Some of the creations include pallet toy boxes, pallet toy chests, sewing or knitting boxes, tool boxes, wine boxes, food crates, and much more! Who wants to spend a lot of money for a simple wooden box when you can build one and use that money to fill the box!

Finally, look around and find the perfect design. Then, get your tools and start making! If you’re new to pallet crafting, then check out our resources to break down pallets, how to choose pallets, pallet safety, and more. We all like saving money, after all.

6 Pallet Fall Centerpiece Ideas That Will Brighten Holidays!

Majestic Man Cave Pallet Treasure Chest

Beautiful Versatile Pallet Wood Storage Chest

Diy Video Tutorial: Shou Sugi Ban Pallet Mailbox

Rolling Pallet Box Catches Scrap Lumber / Caisse Pour Chute De Bois

Pallet Vegetable Bin Has Many Handy Uses

Cornwall Pallet Crates

Pallet Pirates Chest: Grab Yer Booty, Matey!

WOW - look at all the great things you can make quickly with pallets - crates, pet beds, planters & racks!

Multi-purpose Pallet Crates/Racks/Planters/Beds

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