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Decorative Crate Lumber Gun Racks

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I made these Decorative Crate Lumber Gun Racks entirely from crate wood – the sides and tops of freight deliveries.  It holds eight long guns and two drawers on the bottom for handguns. The side has compartments for ammo. It’s held together entirely with screws. It has no stain; it is all natural wood. There are knobs on the drawers at the bottom, one drawer pulls out and the other folds down.

This Decorative Crate Lumber Gun Rack uses cleats and hole cut-outs, as well as U-shaped notches for the longer barrels.

This clever build can be accomplished by creating it in a modular fashion. Build the long gun rack as one piece. Build the two cabinets as separate units if necessary. This will make the build and assembly easier! Note the cleats used to separate the gun stocks and prevent them from sliding around, as well as the holes drilled into the upper board. I also notched the upper board for the longer barrels. The cabinet door is mitered for a cleaner look, and I used some of that plywood that makes up shipping crate boxes for the door backer wood.

Editor’s note: you may want to apply a sealant or a compatible oil because the gun oil applied to protect the finish/metal on the guns may stain the beautiful natural wood of these gun racks.

Additionally, be sure to be compliant with your state’s (or country’s) storage requirements. It is your responsibility to store firearms according to your local laws, and they vary greatly! supports all of our crafter’s project ideas and makes no judgment on the type of craft, hobbies, interests, viewpoints, etc. We ALWAYS encourage you to research, understand and comply with your local regulations, follow all safety guidelines with your tools and products used, and that you take care to ensure the safety of those around you when building or implementing your projects. Happy Palleting!

Decorative Crate Lumber Gun Racks Pallet Cabinets & Wardrobes
This beautiful cabinet upcycles freight crate lumber that encases larger products like scientific equipment, motorcycles, etc. You’ll frequently get pine, oak, maple and more wood types, as well as plywood, MDF, chipboard, 2×4″ posts, 4×4″ posts, and more. Then you can use that beautiful wood to make amazing shelves, storage units, and projects like this gun rack.
Decorative Crate Lumber Gun Racks Pallet Cabinets & Wardrobes
Here’s another style of gun rack that you can add a lock onto for safety.

After that great build, make a place to kick back and relax like this Western Themed Pallet Bar!

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Debra Hinze

Terry Smith the little guy would love this!

Lyn Pope

Thomas Pope. Maybe you should make something like this for ur fishing gear

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