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by Nic Kindrachuk

Crazy Pallet Teepee Made Out Of 70 Pallets

  • 70 pallets

  • medium

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My family and I have been working on this large pallet teepee this summer, and it is finally complete! It is made from 70 reclaimed pallets and stands 14 feet tall. We will use it on a colder day to enjoy a nice warm camp fire and seek some shelter from the rain. I hope you enjoy it!

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Join the Conversation!

Heather Stiletto

I think it looks fun as heck. Is it for the kids to play in?

Josh Person

This one looks unsafe

Sharon Cocca

Bahaha Kay Anderson Leighton. These would be good on the farm, lol X

John Hartley

I got 5 pallets that’s a start lol

Andrew Hartley

I can get you more. If your serious

John Hartley

You have to help

Andrew Hartley

Sorry I’m busy that weekend

John Hartley

Sunshine friends gotta love em

John Hartley

We’re selling camp if your interested or you know of someone interested

Andrew Hartley

John Hartley this would be awesome for camp! Watch video until the end!

Betty Harrison


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