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Coolsville Retro Pallet Cabinet From Besta Unit

  • 1 pallet

  • medium

  • 16h

  • $50

We had an ugly pine cabinet that held our audio equipment, but it didn't fit our decor. It HAD to go. We used a Besta cabinet into this Retro Pallet Cabinet with only one pallet and a few simple supplies!

Customize an ordinary shelving unit with pallet wood like this Retro Pallet Cabinet!

Here's what you'll need:

  • 1 x Pallet wood cage that held wood for wood burner - Free
  • 1 x Ikea Besta TV bench and two doors - £40
  • 4 x Hairpin legs - £25
  • Glue, panel pins, stain, beeswax, etc. - £15               Total - £80

I built this project in about 16 hours. First, I dismantled the pallet, removed the nails and sorted it into usable pieces. Next, I measured the Besta unit and cut the wood to length to cover all four sides. I applied Gorilla glue onto the deck boards and attached them with a nail gun. Then I sanded all of the wood and stained it using a Medium Oak. I also used Dark Oak Colron Danish Oil and sealed it with beeswax.  Finally, I installed the four heavy-duty hairpin legs and checked for level.

Your Retro Pallet Cabinet can be a work in progress  -  change it to suit your style!

For the time being, I have used the Besta door, but I am making a pallet wood door with a grill to allow better air flow onto the amplifier. However, it doesn’t look that bad with the Besta Door. I cut the other door down and turned it into a shelf.

I put a power strip on the back and cable-tied all the cords up, so very little is/was visible underneath the cabinet.  Additionally, I drilled some access holes for the cables in the hardboard backing. The fun part was moving the amplifier, CD player, and records into the new cabinet! All I have left is to tidy up the cables and replace the skirting board.

What would I do differently next time: Have a 1cm overhang on the top at the front, so the door is flush.

This Retro Pallet Cabinet starts with a store-bought cabinet that is covered with pallet wood.
We started with a store-bought cabinet from a Danish Furniture Store and added our own custom touches.
Update old furniture by adding pallet wood to the exterior. You can glue, nail, or screw the wood in place and create a Retro Pallet Cabinet.
This project is an hassle-free way to update old furniture or to use discount centers for the base supplies.
We applied a stain to our Retro Pallet Cabinet. It highlights the wood grain well.
A stain brings out the striped grain of the pallet wood.
We used the original doors for now, and turned one into a shelf in this Retro Pallet Cabinet.
We will make pallet wood doors eventually, but for now, we used the original cabinet doors.
We added store-bought hairpin legs for a retro feel.
One door was used to create a shelf. The hairpin legs give the project a retro look that we enjoy!

Our complete Retro Pallet Cabinet.

We added a shelf to our Retro Pallet Cabinet for our audio equipment.
The second door became a shelf.

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