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by Matt Parshall

Clever Sunshine Pallet Tv Stand

  • 4 pallets

  • medium

  • 55h

  • free

I made this Sunshine Pallet TV Stand only using pallet wood. I even recycled the nails to keep the project free. Finally, I used leftover stain and varnish to finish the project.

Pallet furniture can be interesting and unique, like this fun Sunshine Pallet TV Stand!

This would be great in any room of the house, or even a man cave! I installed the deck boards in a diagonal pattern, with the diagonal running over the sides to the front. I added triangular shelves and then a sunshine pattern in the back.

Clever Sunshine Pallet Tv Stand Pallet TV Stands & Racks
You will absolutely have a sunshiny day with this great TV stand. It is decorated very uniquely with a sunshine sunburst pattern with scrap wood in the back!
Clever Sunshine Pallet Tv Stand Pallet TV Stands & Racks
Run all the boards in a diagonal pattern and create fun, triangular shelves for a more unique look. Pallet furniture does NOT have to be boring!

With such a great job, you’ll clearly need to reward yourself with a Mini Pallet Bar! Make an X-wing fighter from beer cans!

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Angel Marin


Sally Parshall

Such talent! ;-)

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